Saturday, April 30, 2011

Interview with Randy Spelling

ao> You're a very gifted writer. Did you ever use writing as a form of creative expression in your youth?

rs> First of all, Thanks:) I did use writing as a form of creative expression. I actually loved rhyming words and I used to write songs. What started out as a creative hobby quickly turned into a way to express my feelings, emotions and thoughts. I became amazed at what I was not in touch with and not expressing because I would go to write and when I was done I was left with a road map to my feelings. I also used to have some fun with writing about worldly, spiritual and human topics while comparing to things I would write about in the future. When I would read what I wrote, I would take solace in the united loving type of utopian world I had painted through words. I would like to say I was being intuitive...but only time will tell that!

ao> Would the teenage Randy be surprised by the course of his life thus far? If so, what would be the most jarring?

rs> I laugh about this all the time. I say to myself at least once every two weeks that if I were to look at my life 14 years ago, I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be a life/intuitive coach, married and expecting a child. The most jarring would be that I live in Portland, OR currently. I would have never guessed that I would have chosen to move here. I do frequent Los Angeles and work with many people there but my home is in Portland.

ao> In another interview you mentioned that you have a passion for acting and that if the right project came along you may return to it. What kind of role do you feel most drawn toward?

rs> In terms of acting, I would be more privy to go behind the camera. I love t.v. and film although I watch more film. I am continually amazed at what a powerful medium entertainment is. I would like to be behind the camera and involved in entertainment that I feel has a certain message and energy that I would like to see out in the world.

ao> In many of your blog posts and newsletters you focus on issues relating to discovering your genuine self. It seems like this is a topic that is close to your heart. Can you give me some insight into your own self discovery since you began working towards your calling of "life coach"?

rs> I believe that we are here on this planet finding out who we truly are. I often write about topics that are either going on in my life or things that I am seeing a lot with my clients at that moment. Discovering the genuine self is something very close to my heart and continues to be day after day. I grew up in a family and an environment (Los Angeles) where there are certain ideals re-enforeced that made it really hard to feel and be who I truly was. I was always trying to fit some sort of mold of what I thought was expected of me and who other people wanted me to be. Coming out of that and solidifying into me and who I am is has not only been incredibly empowering but also completely freeing.
I have had a long road of self discovery full of pain, drama, happiness and all kinds of amazing experiences that have shaped me.

ao> I recently learned that you are going to be a daddy for the first time. As you move into the role of fatherhood what are some of the specific qualities you wish to emulate from your own father?

rs> I am wanting to emulate is kind, gentle nature. He was a dreamer and lived in "fantasy land". I always admired his creativity and intelligence. I would love to pass that on to my children as well as his big heart and kindness.

ao> Are there any aspects of your upbringing that you would do differently while parenting your son or daughter?

rs> This is probably too long to list them all. I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean that this may be the case from generation to generation. There are many things that I would like to do differently and I would say that the way I live already is very different from how I grew up. That alone will have a significant impact.

My goal is to listen, learn, be maleable, loving, attentive, laugh a lot, instill the values that I think are important as a human being and also to let the child or children be themselves and make them feel special for their uniqueness.

ao> During your reality show, "The Sons of Hollywood", viewers witnessed glimpses of a very challenging time in your life as you said goodbye to your father and began dealing with your grief. The love for your father was very evident to those who watched the show and it seemed apparent, to me , that you had great admiration for him, not only as your father, but as a human being. Aaron Spelling certainly left his children a legacy. What kind of legacy would you like to leave for your children?

rs> This is a challenging question for me. The set up of the word legacy lends itself to doing something very big. I want my children to be themselves, do whatever it is that lies in their heart and feel that, that is legacy enough. I do not believe that we all need to strive to leave this huge seems a little bit of the ego wanting to feel important. I believe that everyone leaves a legacy and a footprint by being here in the first place.

What I would like (my agenda) is for my child to respect the planet and the people on her. I would like for my child to understand that there is a game here and it is just that, so see it and play it as if every minute is enjoyable and fun even the things that may appear different.

ao> Part of your life coaching lessons include the idea of images and creating visual imagery of your goals. Can you let me in on one of the images you have created to help you visualize and achieve your future career goals?

rs> This is a great question. I am a pretty visual person. Some times words work for me and most of the time pictures are a much clearer way for me to "get" or see something. I am certain that our imagination is where we are literally creating our experience moment to moment, yet we are told as children that our make believe is just imagination. Imagination and creating pictures is invaluable to me. here is my short list...

1) get clear on what I want. (sounds easy but a lot of times this is not clear and other peoples pictures are mixed in with mine. So I isolate my own picture
2) See the picture of my goal and see myself there already. I have some fun with looking at who is there, what I am wearing, etc... Most importantly, how I am feeling and if I seem joyful and happy.
3) allow for this to happen and fully trusting my image and what I have created.

Of course there are many more things that I do maybe even simpler but this is the visualization that I do that can at least be described in words.

one of my pictures is: seeing what I will make for dinner. What do I want? Then what am I cooking and most importantly, am I enjoying what I have made!
Most of the time this comes true and I enjoy what I have made, although my wife may have a differing opinion!!

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